Your Guide to Use CBD Oil – How Much Can You Take in a Day

CBD is ruling the world by taking over industries from medicine to cosmetics. People have started to know about the medicinal benefits of CBD. It is natural and taken in many forms especially by the senior citizens.

CBD is extracted from hemp and marijuana plants, which belong to the cannabis family. It is one of 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Hemp has a higher content of CBD content than in marijuana.

It comes in various forms like CBD oils, gummies, candies, and topicals like body wash, body lotion, and other skincare products. It is used for health problems like joint pain, depression, treating symptoms of cancer, anxiety, and various other problems.

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How much CBD oil should I take?

A specific quantity for taking CBD does not exist. Your body reacts to it differently. To determine your capacity, you can start with the lowest dose, which can be around 2mg and increase it by 2-5mg until your body starts to react to the pain. You can also divide your dosage, say if you are taking 2mg per day, you can take 1mg in the morning and 1mg in the night.

Generally, you can calculate your optimal dose by calculating your strength and weight. For people who desire low strength, 1mg for every 4.5kg is the optimal amount. People who want medium-strength 3mg per 4.5kg is the optimal dose and for high strength, 6mg for every 4.5kg is the optimal dosage of CBD that can be taken.  

This is just a general formula. You must stop increasing your dosage when your body starts to provide results. CBD reacts differently in different bodies. You must make sure that you don’t exceed your optimal quantity. You must start with a very low dosage to your optimal quantity by increasing the dose once in three days. Don’t increase your dose every day.

For example, if you are taking 1mg per day in the first week then take 0.5mg once in the morning and once at night for 4 days. Then from the 5th to 7th day, start taking 0.5mg in the morning and 1mg in the evening.

How to calculate your dosage mathematically?

You can calculate your dosage mathematically by using your weight in pounds or kilograms. For lbs, you increase your dose by the same amount of CBD per 10lbs.

This is how you calculate your dose from your weight:

In pounds:

(weight in lbs)/ (10) *(Desired strength) = your optimal dose

In kilograms:

(weight in kg)/ (4.5) *(Desired Strength) = your optimal dose

To find the number of drops, you can divide the total CBD in your bottle by 30 drops and you will know the amount of CBD per drop. Now, you may divide the optimal dose by the amount of CBD per drop to find the optimal number of drops to be taken. 

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